The newest member of Juice Box, Ryan, has been playing in the local music scene for 15 years.
Getting his start playing with a hard rock band and playing upright bass with a local jazz pianist, Ryan's style has become very diverse.  He's been playing in the cover band scene for the last 8 years in such bands as, Skratch Happy, Alpha Males, The Funky Monks, Emerald City, TL3, etc. Ryan's distinct bass tone and his ability to hold down the groove has earned him a spot with Mike in Juice Box's rhythm section.

Jay Gagliardi

Ryan Waugh

Growing up with music all around him, Nick was influenced at an early age. He started out on drums but once college came, he decided to switch to guitar and to study music as a minor at Eastern CT State University. He was nicknamed "DeLiz The Wiz" by his college friends for his guitar soloing improv, along with his ability to play what he is feeling. Nick brings a bright flavor and energetic flow to Juice Box. He adds a different dimension of sound to the band with his unique combination of guitar effects and dynamics in his playing. He has a blast playing with Juice Box and loves the fun and challenge that goes along with it

Nick DeLizio

Brittany Wahl

The Juicebox Crew!

With music in his bloodline, Jay has been playing keys for over ten years. Learning the basics from his father as a young teenager, he quickly took to the piano and has been self taught ever since. Additionally, his ability to create and execute sounds on the synth provides an added element for Juice Box. With some background in musical theatre, you can also hear Jay taking some lead vocal duties or providing harmonies when needed. He's pumped to be playing with such a killer band. 

Mike Cristaldi

Listed as the band's last original member, Mike is the guy in the back holding down the rythmn section with Ryan. Mike started playing at the age of six while learning how to read music and studying traditional jazz. With an early influence of a variety of bands and unorthodox styles, Mike adapts to numerous styles performed throughout the night.

The band's newest member is no stranger to the party band scene having spent time with the popular 402 band out of Nebraska. Whether it's a wedding ballad, a top 40 hit or a classic rock tune, Brit's wide range of experience and her powerful vocals have made an immediate impact on the band. She's looking forward to making a name for herself in the Nutmeg state with the boys of Juice Box!